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At the beginning of the building process, you may be confronted with design choices such as where to place stairs, doors and windows, or deciding on building and room sizes. Clients have found that architectural drawings are a very important tool to develop and refine the building design. Complete drawings result in a better cost estimate and ensure accuracy and quality of construction. Banks and building departments often require architectural drawings for review. In association with Vermont Frames for over 15 years, architect Davis Weigand of Timberworks Design can develop design and drawing packages for you at a reasonable rate.

Many clients come to us initially with only a simple idea of what they want to build. Vermont Frames and Foam Laminates of Vermont are happy to provide a cost estimate which can better aid you in developing your idea and determining your final design plans. Once you have established an architectural plan, we can start designing the timber frame structure. If you are confident in your desire to build with us, a 10% (of the timber frame cost) scheduling fee will cover the timber frame design fee and ensure your spot in our production schedule. Our frame design is a joint effort between Jim Giroux, President and Paul Gund, head timber frame designer.

From the architectural drawings we will provide quotations for both fully assembled frames, and kit frames to be erected by a local crew. When purchasing a kit frame, you will need to hire one of our framers to be on-site as a technical supervisor. The working technical supervisor will be equipped with the special tools required for the frame raising. All frame erections will require the use of a crane. Crane costs are not included in our quotations.

When the timber frame design is finalized, Foam Laminates of Vermont will complete a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) layout drawing, establish a contract cost and arrange for installation if desired. Mark Driscoll, Vice President and Kyle Delabruere, Project Manager will guide you with your SIP’s project. Panel installation can be completed either by your local builder or commonly by our expert panel installation crew. Foam Laminates of Vermont offers an on-site technical supervisor in the same manner as Vermont Frames for those who want on-site support.