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Incorporated in 1976, Vermont Frames and Foam Laminates of Vermont began at the forefront of the Timber Frame Revival. Originally in a small shop in Hinesburg, VT we moved to our present location in beautiful Starksboro, VT in 1984. Having the indoor shop as well as outdoor sheds allows us to work year round. Being surrounded by rolling hills, fields and mountains allows us to be creative and inspired daily at our shop. Please visit us so we can meet you and help you get started on your project.

Jim Giroux  –  President

Jim started with Vermont Frames in 1982, while finishing his Architectural Engineering Technology degree from the University of Vermont. As a frame cutter and travelling to erect frames all over the country for many years, Jim had become an expert in the design and construction of timber frame structures. He moved into the position of project manager in 1992, overseeing all of the timber frame projects from start to finish. Jim also spends time on the phone talking to clients all about their project, so feel free to call him about your project. When he’s not designing your timber frames, he enjoys maple sugaring, vacationing in tree stands, and coaching his kids’ sports teams.

Mark Driscoll  –  Vice President

Mark brings nearly three decades of construction experience to his role as Vice President. Responsible for the day-to-day operations, Mark also oversees the management of Vermont Frames and Foam Laminates of Vermont, and supervises all of the SIP’s projects. Prior to acquiring his position in 2010, Mark owned and operated North Country Stress Skin LLC, a construction company which served as a representative for both Vermont Frames and Foam Laminates of Vermont, preforming both timber frame and SIP erections. When not at work, Mark enjoys hunting, fishing, 4-wheeling, and snow mobiling with his family.

Paul Gund  –  Head Timber Frame Designer

Paul attended Vermont Technical College to earn his degree in Architectural Engineering. He joined Vermont Frames in 2000. Paul routinely speaks with clients, engineers and architects to create and coordinate the timber frame plan.

Chris Pouliot  –  Estimator

After attending Vermont Technical College for Architectural Engineering, Chris joined Vermont Frames in 2010. You are likely to have Chris answer your phone call to Vermont Frame and Foam Laminates, as well as provide you with your timber frame quote.

Rich Self  –  Job Foreman

Rich has been a timber framer since 1991 and with Vermont Frames since 1993. Previously he built log homes in Idaho for 9 years. He lives in a timber frame and SIPs home that he built himself. Rich reads and fine tunes blueprints, orders the timbers, cuts and lays out the frame, checks the hand cut timbers often and supervises the craftsmen framers. He routinely consults with Paul Gund, head timber frame designer and Janet Kane, local licensed structural engineer. Rich also stays in touch frequently with the framers that are on the jobsite.

Adrian (Adie) Thibault  –  Craftsman Timber Framer in the shop and on the road

Born and raised in Vermont, Adie began timber framing in 1988. In addition to being a highly skilled craftsman, Adie can perform many types of construction tasks with accuracy and speed. Adie is typically the first to arrive to work and the last to leave and seems to never stop working. If he isn’t on the top of your frame setting rafters 30 feet in the air, Adie can be found in the top of a tree stand.

Roger Brace  –  Craftsman Timber Framer in the shop and on the road

Roger, born and raised in Vermont, has been with Vermont Frames since 1994. He not only hand cuts the timbers, but he also travels to jobsites to erect the frame. Roger built his own timber frame and SIPs home. He enjoys meeting and speaking with our clients on the jobsite.

Andy Kidder  –  Craftsman Timber Framer in the shop and on the road

Andy made his way to Vermont from Maine to pursue his interest in timber framing. He has been with Vermont Frames since 1999. He often is found on the road erecting the frames, in addition to cutting the timbers in the shop.

Brian Zeno  –  Crane Operator

Born and raised just down the road from our shop, Brian has been with Vermont Frames since 1995. As the crane operator, he has raised over 1000 timber frames in all sorts of weather and jobsite conditions, up and down the Eastern Seacoast. Brian is skilled, gentle, and precise when he operates the crane.

Jake Cota  –  Craftsman Timber Framer in the shop and on the road

Jake worked at Vermont Frames from 1988 to 1994. He took a leave to try other construction methods, but returned in 2011. He lives in his grandparents hand hewn timber frame home from 1850. His grandparents used to farm on the land where our shop is located.

Ben Broughton  –  SIP’s Installer and Erects Timber Frames

Since 2000, Ben has been on the road installing Structural Insulated Panels. He joined Vermont Frames and Foam Laminates in 2011.